Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nickname Ideas

OK, I have been considering a "barn name" for Anatolian, as his full name is just a bit too much of a mouthful. So, I would like you to help me pick a good name from this list of possibilities! I want a name that is original, classy, and just "sounds right." Yes, I'm picky about names! But anyway, if you have an idea for another name altogether, do let me know!

Anatolia is an area in Turkey. There are a lot of Kurdish people in Turkey, so my relative who lived in Iraq gave me some Kurdish words I can use - I have put the meanings after the word.

Current favorite:
Andoly - variant of Anatolia

Sur - red
Esip (pronounce "uh-sip") - horse
Agir - fire
Rumelia - name of area in that region
Andolu - alternate variant of Anatolia

Please give me your input in the comments! :-)



preservative_ said...

I don't know if I mentioned this, but it might be taken as a political statement to give a horse named after Turkey a nickname from Kurdish! ;-) Just something to consider.

L said...

I suppose it could, if someone from Turkey or Iraq ever read this, but that I highly doubt! If they do, however, please note this is just because I don't know Turkish, and Kurdish is the closest I can get to that area! No offense intended.... :-)

Anonymous said...

I say Agir. For what it's worth, I like both the sound and the meaning.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I'm so thrilled to be reading all your posts about Anatolian... SO EXCITING!! It's interesting... I know a guy here on campus who's name is Anatolia, I think (or something close to that) but he goes by the nickname "Toly". I like the nickname Agir, but for some reason, I picture the name "fire" for a feisty and unpredictable horse, rather than a sweet and laid-back one :-) How about the word "star" in Kurdish or Turkish? I also really like the sound (or at least what I assume it sounds like) of Andolu... Let me know what you decide on! I can't wait to hear more about it! :-D

~Jessica N.~

L said...

Hi Jess!
Glad to see you here! I finally found out what the word for "Star" is - Astera. So we can add that to the list. Thanks for the suggestion! :-)

P.S. You KNOW someone named Anatolia!?!

Tracey said...

I like the nickname Sur...but it's ultimately up to you.

Like your other horses name Mira too. My arab mare is named Amira (means princess in arabic) and I actually call her Mira a lot.

We also have a thoroughbred with the totally un-original name of Gypsy...but it fits her in an odd sort of way.

Feel free to check out my blog...enjoyed reading yours.


photogchic said...

I love his name...maybe just call him "Ant" I think that is cute.

L said...

Tracey - Amira? That makes sense! I wonder if that was my girl's name originally, too!

Julie - I will try Ant to see how it sounds. :-) Thanks!