Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rain and mud and other fun stuff

Wow, it's been really hectic around here! The parents are leaving tomorrow... Sheesh! Today my sis will get one last ride on Andolu. I feel bad that he finally gets rideable again just before she has to go away. Neither of us has gotten to ride him much yet, and now it'll be quite a while before she gets to. Oh well. Her dog is staying here too. But they'll have a lot of fun up there, especially as there are a bunch of kids their age really close by up where they are going. We've had a lot of company the last couple of weeks as everyone tries to say goodbye to each other.

The horses are doing well. It has rained a lot in the last couple weeks, which has been nice. Of course, it's amazing how uniformly brown they both look now. I think Andolu especially loves waiting 'till I come and knock the dried mud off and then sneaking off to roll again. :-D They really love the pea gravel I bought and have been spreading around and Mira loves lying on it, so I'm sure I'll be buying more eventually to put in even more spots.

I have wheat planted and a few other things. I am not finished yet with what I wanted to grow this year, though. I'd still like to do potatoes and a bunch more peas! The grass is already up and I have been taking the horses handfuls; can't wait to take them out to graze. One of these days I do need to get pictures up again soon.

Well, later y'all. I shall return after the excitement dies down around here.


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