Thursday, January 11, 2007

A New Series

Starting today, I will be posting every few days on 2 new topics, (as well as other random subjects).

* Horse & Human Relationships Similarities: The ways that training a horse and developing a deeper and deeper bond actually parralels various human relationships, and how horses model the right ways to interact with others.

* Human to Animal & God to Us Relationship Similarities: The ways humans and animals, and animals and animals, relate, and what that shows about how God designed us and relates to us, and wants us to relate to Him.

These ponderings are a huge and seemingly endless "brain food" to me over the last few years - I constantly notice some little thing about Mira, or about dogs, or about any of the other animals I like to study, that gives me a new insight into God and His character. Way cool!

So enjoy, and let me know of insights that you get too!


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