Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I shouldn't have promised you new pics of Mira, as they ALL managed to turn out lousy. Lousy enough that I really don't want to put them up for the world to wince at :-(

Maybe I'll just have to borrow my friend's digital camera again soon - that would work. Not, of course, that you all are waiting with bated breath...

On the other hand, today was really nice and cool! Because it was overcast, it never got above 90! Yay!!!

Well, I gotta go take advantage of the last daylight to do some outdoor work, so ciao for now! Our peach tree has LOTS of ripe fruit on it right now, so maybe I should go lighten its load a little, too. Is there anything better than a fresh, warm peach???


1 comment:

tracey said...

Fresh peaches? Yummy! Wish we had some here.

Good luck with getting new pics of Mira :)