Monday, August 6, 2007

Better Questions CD: A Review

I got a new CD the other day. :-) I always like getting new music, and I was especially excited because it is by my favorite musician. Better Questions is about the questions we all have about life and the big issues. I knew I'd like it when Todd Agnew said he was NOT going to try to answer all the questions he was asking, as some questions are too big for the "90 second cure." My words, not his.

I had a hard time trying to decide which lyrics to type out here; they are all good for different reasons. I finally decided to go with today's favorite song - this is just the first verse:

If you wanted me

I'll admit I'm glad we're not disciples
out on a lake paralyzed with fright,
'cause I'm afraid I might have laughed at Peter,
until he stepped into that stormy night.

If You wanted me to walk on water,
why'd You make the solid ground seem so right?

There are several more verses after this. The song ends with, If You wanted me to be like You, why'd You make me like me? The words of this song remind me of that joke, "Hey, I resemble that remark!" Because I do complain more often than I like to admit about how hard it is to try to be like Jesus, and ask why it isn't easier to do so...

Well, gotta go now. I hope everyone is having a good day!



Rising Rainbow said...

Maybe that's a question that's answer is different for each one of us but (have you noticed I always have a but! LOL) as I tried to teach my kids and now Rachel, anything that is worth having always seems to have hard parts about it. Reminds me of that saying "Anything worth having is worth working for." And I remind Rachel, if you aren't willing to do the hard parts, you're not going to get the good parts. That surely fits here, doesn't it?

L said...

"Anything worth having is worth working for."

DEFINITELY! Sometimes I do get tired and whiny, though. :-P