Saturday, August 4, 2007

Mira's History, Part 2

Last time, I left off at where I was just about to get on Mira for the first time.

This picture to the left is one of my favorite photos of her, although it is small and has some glare. This was taken the day I went to look at her :-D

It had been a few months since I had last been able to ride, and considering her behavior earlier I was wondering just a little about how frisky she might decide to act. I asked the vet if she would longe her for a bit first, which she did, and I watched. I remember that Mira was energetic and wanted to go, but was not hyper.

After a couple minutes, I went ahead and got on!

The first thing I noticed was that she was calm and even more responsive under saddle. I believe the only horse I've ridden that was more responsive (not reactive, but responsive) was a reining Quarter Horse, a performance gelding who was by Reminic and trained by one of the top trainers. He was a blast to ride, by the way!

Anyway, I rode Mira in each gait, and both her trot and her lope were sooo comfortable. I liked everything about the way she felt, and I didn't want to get off! It was a hot day though, so when she started sweating a little I got off and went and found a hose to wash her off with. Then I put her away, reluctantly said goodbye, and went up to find her owner, the vet.

We chatted for a little bit and I said that I really liked her and would go home and think it over and let her know ASAP the next day if I decided to get her. Then, floating on air, I drove home!

As soon as I got home, I told my mom all about her (I still live near my family) and said something like, "I truly think that she would be perfect!" My mom replied, "Well, why don't you go call the owner up right now and tell her, so nobody else grabs her?" I reminded her that I'd always said I would be careful NOT to buy a horse on the first day I saw it, and she said, "Well, you HAVE thought about her quite a bit, and she sounds like the one. You should call now so she doesn't get away."

So, I called the vet back, and for the first time in my life (but not the last!) said the words "I want to buy your horse."


The rest is history. I went over the next day and signed a contract and paid for her, and the day after that we brought her home! One blessing is that the vet did NOT sell her for the already low advertised price - she practically gave her to me!

The main feeling I remember about the process of buying her is feeling like it was surreal. I could not believe this dream was finally coming true. Wow...

It may not be the most exciting story to read, but that is how Mira and I found each other. And I didn't know it, but my coming into her life was a very good thing for Mira. The vet had rescued her from a very bad situation almost a year earlier, and had rehabbed her carefully, but did not really have any use for her. My wanting Mira was and is a good ending to a story that temporarily went bad when someone didn't care about an old gray mare. I will tell more about that story in the next installment...


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Rising Rainbow said...

I'm so glad you found her. Sounds to me like you are perfect for each other.