Friday, December 14, 2007


Both horses are doing fine, and I think I am vastly improved in the worry department, compared to what I was like even 6 months ago! :-) I did keep watching both horses all week, especially Anatolian, to see any possible abnormalities, and felt their legs a lot, but, while I did several times start to convince myself that Andolu was really favoring his right hind, (oh no!) I was able to get a grip and look again. Sure enough, I was over-reacting... If he was sore after the fence incident, he must be all over it by now, and I didn't ever really panic. I guess I am improving, slowly, and learning what to watch for, and what is actually normal... :-)

The fence literally took me 15 minutes to fix once the weather dried a bit - without needing tools. I do like that brand.

The English saddle I borrowed seems to fit quite well, so I guess I'll buy it from the lady who owns it. :-) He has plenty of shoulder freedom in it, and all the other aspects look correct. So, now I get to learn to ride in an English saddle!

I am still trying to convince him to try a banana. It's kind of hard, because he turns up his nose at it, and Mira is only too happy to snatch any pieces I put in front of him! I plan to start training the bow with him soon, using a handful of pellets as an occasional treat. I probably won't have very much time to work under saddle with him until February, though, due to changing job situation. It is going to be a hectic time, so I apologize in advance for probable long absences from here. I will be too tired to achieve even this amount of coherency a lot of the time! I do intend to at least get on the Dude every day, and to try to go on short rides 3-4 times a week, but it won't really be serious riding until things get into a routine again. Hopefully the time goes by quickly!

Over and out. See you later!



Rising Rainbow said...

OK, I here the saddle fits your horse well, but does it fit you well? For it to be good for your horse, it needs to be good for you too.

I'm glad that they both were ok after their altercation with the fence.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Glad that the horses suffered no ill effects from the fencing debacle LOL.

I have to say that I prefer the western style of riding, this from someone who has only ridden english prior to coming over here.

Keep warm.


L said...

MiKael - it seems to fit me fine. I will keep paying attention to that, though. Thanks!

Lori - I like Western too, although if I could and it was OK for horses' backs, I'd probably just use a bareback pad all the time! :-)