Sunday, March 30, 2008

Post title?

Tee hee, sorry! I couldn't figure out a good title for this post, so...

The last few days I have taken quite a lot of pictures, but I'm not quite ready to do my "grazing" updates yet... Hopefully soon. I also had a really funny (to me anyway) thing happen. I am going to get a picture of it and let you guys see if for yourselves!

I have been treating Andolu's hooves with the antifungal medicine for about 2 weeks now, and he is noticeably feeling better. Before he spent a lot time resting his back legs. Pretty much as soon as he stopped walking, he would start resting one of his legs, and that was one way I could tell his feet were bothering him. He rested them about equally, and the heel area on both of his back feet was sore. His front feet were not as bad. Now, he is a LOT more comfortable. It's always interesting to see how these types of experiments turn out. I'll keep treating him for at least 2 more weeks, and then see where we're at. A side effect of him feeling better is that he's tearing around the pasture even more than normal. Watching a TB run is awesome to me - he goes sooo fast. And he probably isn't even that fast as far as racehorses go!

Mira's eye is still doing incredibly well. I realized today that the white ulcer area over the surface of her eye has reduced quite a bit in the last month. They are supposed to take a long time to heal up, as long as 8-9 months, but it has really made rapid progress, and she is obviously seeing better and better, too. :-D

Work is going pretty well, although they just increased my workload again - every time they do that I end up basically working all day every day for several days until I get up to speed on the new stuff. Oh well! More money is a good thing, so I won't complain.



Anonymous said...

I am glad ot hear that both ponies are doing well. Andolu is prob. pretty fast for ANY horse...they don't ship not fast race horses to Europe! I am so happy Mira's eye is doing better...Hopefully it will just heal itself.

Rising Rainbow said...

I, too, am glad to hear the horses are doing better. Very happy to hear about Mira's eye. It sounds like it's doing so well. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

photogchic said... good to hear the horses are on the mend.