Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Update on MiG Experiments

OK, time to update on this post and the following series (fields one, two, and three). For a general update, I did not get a chance to plant wheat after all. Bummer. It is probably a good thing, though, because this year's precip pattern has not been very good for wheat, so it would not have turned out very well.

I will try to do complete updates with current photos for each field over the next few days. I have been grazing the horses on one of the fields already, and will show you about how much I let them eat before moving them. I am also picking grass as fast as I can every day from a bunch of places that are too steep for horses but have lots of tall, luscious green grass growing. Both horses watch with intense interest whenever I do that... They really love spring grass, and it is cool to watch how relaxed and super friendly Andolu gets towards me when I am hand grazing him. The more I do this with the horses, the more I think it is a really cool bonding tool. I hand grazed Mira a LOT last spring, and it is one of my favorite activities ever, sitting and reading and watching a horse munch happily, and looking up through the light green leaves at the blue sky... Aahhh...

Anatolian is still a bit standoffish with me most of the time, though much better than he was initially, but his whole expression gets very soft when I take him to graze somewhere. :-)

We have not had any rain the last few weeks, just sun, and the grass has grown incredibly fast. Typical springtime for around here. Some parts of the country have a much longer grass season, but around here, grass that is long enough for horses to graze and immature enough to be palatable, sometimes only lasts a couple of weeks. Thus, we have to grab it while we can!


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Rising Rainbow said...

A two week growing season, wow I can't even imagine that.