Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One of Andolu's Favorite Things

Man, it is sad when you get busy enough that you don't even visit your own blog for several days. Sheesh. Anyway, here is the promised photo of Andolu's crazy "lead rope." A plastic bag. Yes, it's weird... The way it happened was several weeks ago, when we still had nice grass, I was down at one end of the pasture, picking grass from the other side of the fence for The Dude. He did not come when I whistled for him, and seemed to be distracted. I had already dumped the grass out of the plastic bag I gathered it in, so I went over to get him. He was too focused on the alfalfa in front of him, and turning his head didn't get him started following me (usually it would). So, I had an idea, and split the plastic bag down the middle to make a long piece, which I wrapped around his neck right under his ears. I tugged at it, and being a nicely halter trained horse, he followed me down the hill to the treat.

The reason I laughed about it, and thought it might be worth posting, is that my horses would really mess with a Natural Horsemanship trainer's mind. Any of those guys who like to use plastic bags for desensitizing would be really puzzled when my horses just followed the bag everywhere! Since my feed area is pretty close to the horses, they know exactly what comes in bags. Anatolian does not care in the slightest when I do rub him with a bag or lead him with one - he just wants to see if it has anything to eat!


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