Friday, January 2, 2009

Way cool... A great Christmas present.

This is so cool. My aunt and uncle (the nice and indulgent ones that I always stay with for the Horse Expo) came up yesterday to exchange presents and celebrate New Year's. Our present from them was the exact camera we had asked for!!! It was rather expensive so when we told them about it we said a gift certificate toward it would be great, but they went ahead and just got it! It is a really nice 8 MP, 4x optical zoom camera with some video ability, and when my brother was doing research it was said to be one of the all around best in its class. So, pretty soon when it stops raining and I can clean the horses up a little again I will be posting new photos!

Today has been a really nice day for a lot of reasons, even though it is now raining again. All that nice mud makes me sooo excited. Not. :-) But I haven't had any work to do today, which means I can just clean stuff and get caught up on important things like sleep. Ahh. I hope everyone else is having a good day too!


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