Friday, January 2, 2009

Two Years Horse-Blogging

So, as of yesterday I am starting on my third year of blogging. I was thinking about my horsey goals for this year just now, and decided I might as well put them down. Here goes...

  1. Get into a routine of riding Andolu at least a little for four days a week. I hate to say that is a goal as if it was work, but I do need to schedule it or else I tend to try to get all my chores done first, which means it doesn't happen.
  2. Build Andolu's endurance up slowly and keep him sound if at all possible.
  3. Learn to post well and post without stirrups regularly.
  4. Take lessons at M's, especially longe lessons to develop my seat.
  5. Pony Mira at least twice a week with both horses staying calm and obedient.
  6. Finish the fencing project.
  7. Teach Andolu to bow.
  8. Get Andolu strong enough to be well balanced and comfortable changing leads at the canter.
  9. Go on a trail ride in the mountains with both of them!

That is a good starting place, I think. I guess the most important thing of all though is that he stays sound and I keep having time to ride!

Below is my original post and last year's New Year's post.

Happy New Year to everyone! Hopefully 2009 will be a good one for us all.



OnTheBit said...

teaching the bowing part is easy! Just grab a carrot and put it between his knees and as he gets closer pull it back...start off easy by giving him a bit of carrot just for taking weight off the foward leg and work up till he goes all the way down. Gen used to bow on command. I haven't messed around with it since the tendon injury though.

photogchic said...

I still haven't figured out my resolutions or goals for are doing much better than me and it looks like a pretty dang good list. I may "copy" some of yours:-) I do want to teach Maddy to bow as well...wish me luck on that one.

Original L said...

OTB - yeah, I'd imagine it would be a little nervewracking now to have him bow. I just need to prepare a nice soft area of ground for teaching it to him and then I'll start!

Photogchic - Thanks. I am excited about this year and I really, really hope both horses stay healthy and sound and I can ride a LOT! One would think last year's disasters would be enough to last me the next five years or so, right?