Tuesday, January 1, 2008

One year Anniversary, and Happy New Year!

Wow, it has now been exactly one year since I started this blog! It has averaged almost 10 posts a month, which is much better than I ever expected to be able to do. It has been very enjoyable so far, and I really like getting to talk to fellow bloggers and other horse lovers.

This post is just to celebrate the anniversary, and give each of you my best wishes for this coming year!



Aaron said...

Good going L. I can't always keep up with all the equine stuff, but you do a good job and I'm glad you're finding blogging rewarding. Keep it up!

N said...

Happy New Year from your favorite T-Bird subscriber! Have fun with Toly and Mira!

L said...

Thanks Aaron. I appreciate the good wishes!

N - Thankee, and back at ya! :-)

photogchic said...

Me to. I made "starting a blog" my New Year's resolution last year. Still trying to figure out my resolution for 2008....hmmm. Happy Anniversary.