Sunday, January 6, 2008

My *not* favorite thing to see in the morning.

We have had LOTS of rain, which is very good (our pond is completely filled up! In 2 days!!!) and LOTS of wind since Friday. Puddles everywhere, but we need it, and the electricity stayed on, so I just enjoyed getting to stay inside and listen to the rain. :-)

However, this morning I went out to feed and discovered that Andolu managed to injure his left hind leg! Aargh! I am realizing he is quite accident prone - this is the third accident type thing he has done in 2 months. Not sure how he does it! He scraped himself on the inside of the leg, a couple inches above the bulge of the fetlock, and ON the bone, NOT on the tendon area. Phew! It had bled and then dried. It was a very small scrape, and due to the position I don't think he did it on a rock - it must have been interference from his other hoof, 'cause there isn't anything else I can see that he could have scraped it with.

Of course, I pulled him out of the pasture and took him over to the gravel area where I do baths, etc. with them, and washed his legs, all 4 of them, with warm water. He didn't mind my messing around at all, as he had his head in a bucket of hay pellets the whole time. :-)

After cleaning the wound, I examined it VERY carefully for any signs of needing to call the vet. He was not very tender, no heat, no swelling, puts all his weight on it, etc. etc., so for now I am holding off on the vet. If anything changes I'll call. Fortunately, it continued to improve all afternoon, and hasn't developed any heat so far, so I think it is just a simple scratch. He's moving around like he normally does in the pasture, so I'm hoping for the best! I put a thick layer of antibiotic ointment on it, mostly to protect it from all the mud. That was what my day was like. :-D Hope your Sunday was better!


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Rising Rainbow said...

That is frustrating. There certainly are horses who have a bit of kluts in them. Hope you are wrong and he is not one of them.