Thursday, January 31, 2008

Some Photos, Finally

A close-up of her poor eye, above.
Below, tubes and things. :-(

Tomorrow I hope to have time to get a couple decent pictures of Andolu and organize the other ones and maybe post them. I need to put something fun on here. They both keep rolling in the mud, so I might just post a mud bath photo series of the Dude!



Pony Tail Club said...

I'm so sorry this has happened. I hope it all turns out ok. I'm sure you are a very good caretaker.

L said...

Thanks, PTC.

photogchic said...

Man...this is hard to see:-( Poor Mira. So sorry. I will hope for the best along with you. Hang in there. I posted about a group that rescues blind horses...they have a lot of info about horses eyes on their may want to take a look.

"DJ" said...

Said a prayer for Mira and you. Hang in there!

L said...

Photogchic - thank you, I have looked at their website. I didn't have the heart to put a comment on your post though - I was too worried about it happening to Mira :-(

DJ - thanks, we REALLY needed that this week.