Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mira's Eye Update: 1

So far, so good. :-) Overall things have been going pretty smoothly. At first I was a little worried because she didn't seem to have much of an appettite on Friday morning. But then I realized that she actually knows quite well that she has "attachments" hooked up to her right now, and it must feel funny to bend her neck down with an IV port in her jugular. So immediately we put her water bucket up on a large, overturned tub, and I am feeding her her meals in a plastic lawn chair. It looks kind of funny, but it worked - she started finishing all her meals!

She seems more comfortable today, because pretty quickly after I feed her, she keeps sliding the bucket off onto the ground and eating there. I wish she would drink more, but she seems to be staying hydrated so far. Plus, I am making her "Senior Soup" as liquid as possible.

I did have trouble overnight with the eye tube. The stopper kept coming out, and so I taped it on. Then it started leaking when I syringed the medicine in, which meant not enough was getting to her eye. It was very frustrating, but after quite a bit of fiddling I got it working right again.

She is in the small pen for now, partly to make it easy to catch her at midnight, and partly so there are no obstacles to negotiate. The really encouraging thing was that yesterday evening, when it got all dim outside, she had her eye partially open and you could tell she was (sort of) looking through it. And today she is moving her head and ears normally, i.e., when I go over she perks her ears and looks straight at me, rather than just with her left eye.

Just now I brushed both the horses, and it was nice to have a chance to play with Andolu for a few minutes. The poor guy has been a good boy through all this, but I don't want to neglect him. Oh, and tomorrow I have a fun little anecdote about him that I'll try to post...

Anyway, so far Mira is looking good, and as for me, I am SO glad it's the weekend right now! I really, really need the extra sleep :-D



On the Bit said...

I am sure she is getting plenty to drink but...I once rode a horse who got very sick. She wouldn't drink anything and was a mess for needles so IV wasn't a good option. She loved peppermints so I made some peppermint tea (about a gallon) and put that in her bucket. She loved it and as long as I did that every 12 hours she would drink. Just an idea if you notice that she really isn't drinking. Just make sure it is a real herbal tea made only with mint leaves and not some crazy thing with caffen in it.

L said...

Thank you for the suggestion, that is a great idea! We have lots of mint plants too, and she loves peppermint :-D

Rising Rainbow said...

I want to know if you've taken pics of her eating off that chair. lol That must be a sight. Especially since lots of people think Arabs are crazy, spooky things. lol