Monday, January 7, 2008

Anatolian's Pedigree!

Anatolian's leg seems to be healing quickly, still with no swelling or anything. So far so good!

On another topic, before Christmas I pulled his Jockey Club 5 generation pedigree and race report - they were doing a special where you could get those free, and I jumped on it! The previous owners had told me they thought he was bred in CA, at Harris Farms - not! He was bred in Kentucky, and has MUCH better breeding than I expected

Here is his sire:

His dam is a mare named Rosebrook. He is heavily line-bred Nasrullah, with quite a bit of Native Dancer & Mr. Prospector blood as well. Rahy's stud fee is $60,000 (which is still less than Dynaformer, the sire of Barbaro, who stands at the same place) so I'm guessing Andolu was at least a $100,000 yearling or so. Tee hee. That's the racing industry - buy high, sell low! Quickest way to make a small fortune in the horse industry... at least, if you start with a large one!

I love having access to his records, and finding out that when he was sold as a yearling, he went to England. He was started in racing there, and didn't do much, so he came back to the US, and didn't do much, so eventually was sold on until I got him. He never came in first (bunch of 2nd and third places) and only won about $12,000 total, which is about what I was guessing as far as his performance on the track. I WAS surprised he'd been to England, though!

Anyway, it was fun finding out some of his background, and his birthdate, (3/24/02) and discovering I have a "blueblood" in my backyard. (I figured he had decent bloodlines, but the "Big Names" were closer and more numerous than I expected.) :-D



photogchic said...

That is very cool. Amazing that they shipped him all the way over to England---must have been a turf runner??? Happy he found a home with you.

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm glad that the leg is looking better.

That's exciting about the blue blood!

On The Bit said...

Isn't that the best feeling in the world! Seeing the papers and figuring out their past life! I have an OTTB myself and the day his papers came so much fell into place!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I am playing blog catchup and have enjoyed your last few posts. Glad the leg is healing and wow that is great about the pedigree. You have a world traveller on your hands LOL!! Never heard of horses eating Bananas, am I correct in my understanding that Mira likes bananas??? Mine are apple fiends due to the apple trees on our property and have been know to eat pears too, but that is a new one.


L said...

Julie - After doing more research, I discovered that several of the horses in his line were really good producers of turf runners. Maybe that explains it - I still think it's funny, though.

MiKael - Thanks, I'm relieved too! He's still doing great, and he's actually been sprinting around the pasture more than usual. More frisky lately than I've seen him!

OTB - Thanks for visiting! I'll have to check out your blog. :-)

Lori -Yup, Mira ADORES bananas. I've heard it's actually a common taste preference, but I never realized that before I got her. I'm afraid our apple & pear trees are dedicated to us - we can't make ourselves share fresh fruit with the animals!