Monday, January 28, 2008

Mira's Eye Update: 6

Well, we had a lot of rain/snow over the weekend, but I got more sleep, even though I had to work both jobs on Saturday, so I am feeling better right now. And this afternoon it cleared up and was nice and sunny, which was a major help for getting things done.

And today it looked like Mira was using her eye more than she has been, and the lid looked exactly like the other eyelid, not swollen at all. She has been keeping both eyes semi-shut due to the windy weather, as has Anatolian, so I couldn't really tell how she was feeling. But it doesn't seem to be weeping much today either, so I'm hoping that means it is still recovering. The vet should come out to check again on Thursday, and I'm hoping & praying she'll be well out of the danger zone by then! Meanwhile, the horses continue to get fatter... Have you ever seen a fat Thoroughbred? I'm afraid Anatolian is getting there... Oh well. As soon as the weather clears up and I can ride then he'll slim down nicely.

In a previous post MiKael mentioned I should take photos of Mira eating from her unconventional lawn chair feeder, to show what a "spooky Arab" she is - tee hee. At the same time I think I should get some pictures of Andolu tossing the plastic garbage bag with hay back and forth, trying to get the hay out! I guess he doesn't need too much desensitizing with plastic bags. :-D

Have I mentioned what a big help my sis has been during Mira's illness? When it rains I wake her up to help me at night, and she does Mira's meds and feeding while I'm at work in the morning. I really appreciate it. And because she knows how much I need the help, she hasn't even complained. :-)



Rising Rainbow said...

That is cool that your sister is helping you and even cooler that she isn't complaining.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I am so glad Mira is well on the mend!! I am playing catch up and I hate to say that I nominated you for a Invisible Image MeMe on my blog yesterday

I can see you have your hands full. It would be fun if you could participate but I understand perfectly if you can't. I had fun going through all my old scans from slides and negatives and bringing back memories so I used 5 of those for mine.