Friday, January 25, 2008

Mira's Eye Update: 5

Right now I'm not too happy with her eye. The vet had said to try taking her off the Banamine and see if she was still comfortable without pain meds, but today it had some pus coming out, and she was holding it a little more closed, so I'm going to have to give her a half dose and hope that makes her feel better. I will probably do a little Atropine ointment again, too. I have not been able to try to gently examine her eye yet and see if the possible pus is clearing up at all. I sure hope it is, though!

I don't think I mentioned it yet, but we got over 6 inches of snow, and during the night when I was feeding the horses I slipped and managed to strain a bunch of leg and stomach muscles. With that, sleep deprivation, and trying to learn my new job and get good as quickly as I can, I am pretty much exhausted and crabby. At least Mira's behaving better for her medications again. I just hope all this works and she finishes recovering fast!


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Rising Rainbow said...

I hope the pus clears up soon.