Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mira's Eye Update: 2

The swelling is down a LOT more; if you didn't know something was wrong, you probably wouldn't notice the swelling. She is drinking more out of the bucket now, too, which is a relief. My sis and I took the horses on a little walk this afternoon, and Mira was doing her best to run circles around my sister, which made me quite happy. Small blessings....

Anatolian was also frisky, as it was a bit windy. He's so cute, and he has gotten a lot more TB-ish in the last month or so, which may seem like a crazy thing to be happy about. But he seemed too calm for a 6-year-old when I got him. He just seemed a bit too subdued. Now, while he's still a good boy, he will do mini spooks every now and then, and he loves to run bucking around the pasture at full blast. :-D Yesterday I mentioned a fun thing about him. When the vet came the first time, right away he commented that he really likes the looks af Andolu, and then during the surgery he said what a nice looking horse he is several more times. So, I told him a bit about Andolu's pedigree and history, and found out that most of the vet's horses are Arabs, and his favorite horse ever was a TB. It was a fun chat in the middle of a somewhat tense day. I just hope Anatolian doesn't get too full of himself with all the compliments!

Well, ciao until next time.



photogchic said...

I had to do some catching up....oh my gosh! Poor Mira! Oh!! Ouch!!! I just can't imagine how shocking all of this must have been. Hope she will be ok. Glad you called the vet right away. Hang in there girl and give Mira a scratch for me.

L said...

Thank you, I did give her a scratch!