Saturday, March 10, 2007

I Know, I Know

It's been several days since the last post - I promise more is coming soon! I actually have 2 posts written and possibly another to write soon, and the only reason I haven't put them up yet is I've been refining them still! I started one and then the other came up and I have been trying to write them both at once. ;-D

I just found a great website, though. You should all go check this out: They have simply oodles of really good, well-thought out articles on training, philosphy, exercise, health, etc. etc. Very cogent and sensible articles. These people sound like they must be geniuses with horses. The more I get into the horse world, the longer the list of "People I have to meet someday!!!"

I had a good time with Mira today. We went on a ride with another girl and her Paint mare. Weather was perfect and the ride went smoothly - the horses had never met but they behaved very well.

Good night all, see ya tomorrow!


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Rising Rainbow said...

Thanks for the info on the dressage site, I'm always looking for interesting horse sites.