Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dreaming about mares...

The last few days I did something I don't get to do often enough! I window-shopped on equine.com & dreamhorse.com for a while. I always love looking for horses, pretending I have a nice big fat budget. It is funny how the horses I really like almost always seem to have a 20, 30, or $40,000 price tag when I look at the details! :-D I was focussing especially on reining mares during this "binge of imagination," and found a list of quite a few good ones. (The palomino in the picture actually isn't for sale, but I liked her too.) Some of my favorite modern cutting/reining sires are Colonels Smoking Gun, Powder River Playboy, Like A Diamond, and I really liked the gelding by Reminic that I once had the privilege of riding!

If I could pick any mare to start with it would probably be a bay tobiano daughter of Colonels Smoking Gun that I really, really liked - I don't know where she is now, but I still remember her photo & ad. That is just to start with, of course!

My reason for buying her would be that not only did she look like a great producer (and had the pedigree to back it up) but I knew I would have fun riding her. And you know how some horses just fit your mental image in your head, and you go "aaahhhh," ? Well, she was that for me.

1. What about you? If you could pick any living mare, who would it be? Or if you know she's probably out there, but haven't actually seen her, what bloodlines etc. would she have?

2. What is ONE point of conformation that you always look for in a horse? For me it is the hocks and knees - I don't just want them to be level, I want them to be low! The level of the hocks has such a big influence on how well the horse can collect itself, yet in performance Paints & AQHA's that seems to be one of the most overlooked aspects.

3. What purpose(s) would you be buying this mare for, and why does she make you go "aaahhhh," ?

Please let me know your wishlists and feel free to post pictures/links of the ideal mare you would love to own! Have a little fun window-shopping!



N said...

Ah, L. You know as well as I do that I have no real idea how to choose horses! What on earth would I "always" look for in conformation?

O well. Perhaps your next post, eagerly awaited by this poor soul, will be a little more relevant to the non-horse-savvy people among us (all two of them :-P)

L said...

N, what YOU would always look for in conformation is whatever I would suggest - right?!? Ahem... Tee hee. :)

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh No, you don't want to ask ME this question. I'm an avowed mare freak!!

While I'm not shopping for any mares, because I want to be able to keep the ones I have, I have been shopping for stallions to breed my mares too. That's kinda fun.

I have looked at a horse here, Cow Cuttin Colonel, that I think is related to the horse you're talking about. I'd really like to breed one of my Legs' daughters to him but Sweepstakes is a big deal for Arabians and half-Arabians and Cow Cutting Colonel isn't in the program.

L said...

Actually, I was hoping you would respond, MiKael! Cow Cuttin Colonel looks like a great stallion! I wonder if they'd enroll him in the Sweepstakes if you asked??? (How much does it cost to enroll a stud, or do I not want to know?)

Horse shopping in general is fun!

coastalequine said...

Hello, I am the owner of Cow Cuttin Colonel and just happened on this website when doing some research. If you are interested in breeding and there is a concern about him not being nominated, please let me know more about the program, or where I could find out about it myself. We are open to doing anything to help further the show career of Joey's offspring. I can be reached at coastalequine.com Thanks! Allison

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am the owner of Cow Cuttin Colonel. I happened to come across your site while doing some research. Can you tell me more about nominating Joey to the Sweepstakes, or point me in a direction where I can find more information? We are always interested in further promoting his offspring. His first colts are headed to the futurity this year and are fantastic! You can reach me at coastalequine@aol.com Thanks so much! Allison