Wednesday, October 10, 2007

That's Bologna! Or wait, it's Turkey!

Look what went on a picnic through our yard yesterday! Turkeys are quite common higher up in the mountains, but this is the first time I have ever seen them in my own neighborhood. There must have been 30 or 40 all told, and they were not shy at all. We were outside watching them and talking pretty loudly, and the group just kept pecking their way steadily along. I like wildlife, as long as they don't damage anything, so it was fun.

I have now seen foxes, bears, turkeys, raccoons, deer, 'possums, coyotes, herons, and various birds and "varmints" in my backyard. Now if I can just catch a glimpse of the cougar - safely, of course!
I will try to stick to regular photos of Mira for now. She seems to be quite grumpy whenever I try to train and have someone take photos, (plus I cannot focus on her totally when doing that) so for now I am not going to try. She is learning to hold her foot up for a second or two at a time, but this part is definitely slower going than simply picking her foot up briefly. Now she actually has to work! *gasp* Thus, it takes more attention from me.

It rained recently, so the grass is starting to sprout! Yay! This means it is time for me to do some more work on my projects now. Ciao for today... :-)


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Rising Rainbow said...

That's a lot of turkeys in one place that isn't a turkey farm.