Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Well, I had a mini vacation the last couple days, which I was sorely in need of, and now I am back and eager to start posting more often again! Life is good, although things have been extremely hectic lately. We have had lots of rain, (which I hope continues!) and I am already seeing some new grass coming up :-)

We have a new kitten - she showed up a couple weeks ago. When I can get a photo to post here, I will formally introduce her by name! She is VERY friendly and confident, and has definitely succeeded in her determination to make slaves of us...

Mira seems to really like rain and colder weather. Her coat is growing super fast, also. Even though it is much harder to keep clean (due to length), I love how shiny and brilliant her winter coat is.

Well, that's it for random news tonight. Over and out.


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