Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Major Changes

Big things have been happening here lately.

Backstory: For the last couple of months my dad has been out of work. Not one of his usual clients have had work they were ready to give him yet (a couple of them had projects they wanted to do but weren't able to go ahead with yet.) Obviously, my parents have been kind of stressing about it. Dad was searching all over for some more clients and my mom even looked for work, which she has not done since my older brother was born. Now that the two youngest are teenagers they don't need very much attention while doing their schoolwork, etc., so she thought now might be a good time to get a job. However, nothing was available at all in the area for either of them. Meanwhile, their ministry partners in the state of Washington have been having a lot of change happening. My parents and their partners do part time family ministry, with my parents focused on Hispanic families and their partners involved in several specific groups right now. So, they kept telling my parents they should come up there for a while and help out with all the things that are really "popping" up there right now. Everyone was praying about it and door after door kept closing down here. Eventually, dad felt that he had gotten confirmation to go to Washington. (Interestingly enough, the next day after the decision, his favorite client called up and wants him to start on a project, so it turns out dad will have his favorite kind of job to work on while they get settled in up there!)

So, my parents and my sis and youngest brother are moving to Washington for an indefinite amount of time - Brothers # 1 and #2 and me are staying here and running the place and we're going to be really hoping the grandparents all stay healthy and don't get hurt!

I finally get to run a house and make menus *almost* on my own now! It'll be interesting and fun in a lot of ways, but I am really, really going to miss them! I'm sure it's going to be really difficult to adjust to. I told my best friend that she was going to be hearing a LOT more than she ever wanted to about horses now. She says (now!) that she won't mind. Hopefully not, as I usually blabber to mom and sis about horses and they at least are somewhat interested, whereas my best friend is not really an animal person...

Feel free to give me suggestions for getting used to living independently! I expect to get along pretty well with my brothers, but advice on making the change to no parents around is welcome.

Signed, Rather Jittery,



OnTheBit said...

I have lots of tips...the one that can save your best friend though it just post about it the horses. There is a reason I post everyday! So I can get it all out and not bug my non-horsey friends (and parents) with constant talk about my ponies. Having a blog to write about my horses lets the friends who do care check up with the blog about the ponies, the friends that don't I just leave well enough alone.

Original L said...

I do expect to be posting more. A lot of what I talk about is more along the lines of "I just found out this about this training technique. That explains..." or "I was just reading about how to..." and probably wouldn't fit well on a blog. Too random! Tee hee - my brothers will get quite a bit too, I'm sure. They'll sit there typing and go "Um-hm, um-hm..." vaguely! :-D

preservative said...

So you think you'll get to run the house by yourself? ;-)

photogchic said...

What part of WA are they moving to? Tell them to prepare for the rain if it is Western WA. Sounds like fun running the will be fine..just be fair with your siblings and make sure you all work together to keep the place going. Good luck girl.

"DJ" said...

I'm in western WA! I wish them and you the best of luck in everything! :)