Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Update on the skinny bay oldster

Initial post here:

When my vet was here doing the boosters and checkup on The Spoiled Ones, I asked him if he had ever been able to catch a glimpse of that horse when driving by. It turns out the owner of the vet just called him and had him come over last Friday! Apparently several other people besides me have called Animal Control and so they called him. The owner told my vet that the horse is about 29 or 30 and he has had him since he was 2. The horse is apparently still bright eyed and moving around, just has been hard to keep weight on, and he wanted advice now that people were calling Animal Control about it. So the vet has given him some advice and I am VERY relieved to know that at least the horse is getting something to eat, got medical care, and should hopefully look a lot better soon! Now I don't have to lie awake on cold nights worrying about if that horse has anything in its stomach and if it has anybody that cares about it - I'll keep an eye on it, but I think it should start to look better soon with some supplements and help. Phew!



OnTheBit said...

well it stinks that people had to call animal control to get the vet out, but at least the owner is now doing something about the problem instead of just going "he looks thin". I hope he puts some weight on soon!

Original L said...

Yes, I wish he'd called the vet earlier too. Mountain people can be awfully stubborn about not wanting to go the Dr. or use vets for some reason... At least now the horse should be getting healthier!