Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rain, rain - don't go away!

The last couple of days we've had a decent amount of rain, very soft and misty so it soaked in well. I just love rain... Especially now that I can get up after dawn! Of course the horses like rolling so Mira almost looked sorrel like Andolu until some of the mud came off. They are both doing well and Andolu was a good boy and hasn't been taking advantage of his freedom to zoom around too much. One really good thing about him backing up to voice cues is it made him really good about keeping his distance when I was carrying buckets of food and flakes of hay to the shelter. He is MUCH more respectful now than he used to be, which is very nice when my hands are full!

No update on the horse mentioned in the previous post yet. I didn't see it the last couple times I drove by, but that's pretty common. We'll see.


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photogchic said...

You like the rain? Why aren't you here in Oregon?;-) I have a muddy horse too these days. Keep us posted on that poor horse. I fear we will be seeing a lot of that stuff soon.