Monday, April 9, 2007

Am I Crazy???

Or am I crazy?!? Seriously, my head is spinning here! I definitely had a weird-but-great day today. The vet came this afternoon, right on time. :-) I told him the whole story of "Mira and the Scary Pasture" and how she was stiff afterward but seemed to recover well - except that her fetlocks kept looking weak, and sagging when she moved. Then brought him up to date about finding that swelling on Thursday, and how she was really favoring that leg for a couple days, although the icing helped and she is a lot better already...

So then the vet examined Mira and had her walk up and down the hill, and then trot up the hill. He said the swelling in her leg was just the periosteum, no tendon or ligament issues, (Is an inflamed periosteum the same thing as getting a splint?) and that I should definitely put her back in light work, i.e. 1-2 hours walk/trot per day!!!!!!


"Okay, so just ignore me, I'm the goofy, always-worried first time owner..." (Rolls eyes at herself) I know I was not imagining the fetlock issue, but the funny thing is after he said that, I watched her moving for awhile, and sure enough, her fetlocks do seem a LOT stronger. Like, almost back to normal!! I guess I've been so worried about the swelling that I haven't been watching her fetlocks the last few days, but they do seem much better...

See why I feel like my head is swirling?

Mainly, I am just SOO glad that I'll be able to ride her again! I'm going to start by letting my little brother ride her for a few days, just to make sure she can handle weight again, but, while she may have a weakness in her fetlocks, and I do plan to keep an eye on that, she just might be up for a lot more riding before she has to retire!
Yippee yay! :-D Thank you God! Now, if I can just learn how not to be such a worrywart, I'll be all set. Tee hee, that'll be the day.

Well, come back soon, more articles comin' down the pipeline!


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Rising Rainbow said...

If you love your horse, you start out as a worry wort, we all do. It's better to worry than miss something, in my book anyway.