Sunday, April 8, 2007


Happy Resurrection Day!!!

I pray that this day has caused you, like me, to stop and take another look at Jesus and His life, death, and resurrection, and what it means to you. In a word, "Everything."

I was really struggling with some issues the last few days, and I have been thinking so much about why would God love me? I mean, really, it is just so incredibly hard to fathom, yet I know that He does love me, even when I'm being rebellious...

There were 2 people baptized at my church today. What a perfect day to be baptized!!! It was beautiful.

Just thinking out loud here, so this is short and sweet. Any thoughts of your own on what this Easter has been like for you, or what it does (or does not) mean to you? (Honest skeptics always welcome here!) :-D


P.S. More photos of Mira tomorrow!

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