Thursday, April 5, 2007

Good Friday Meditation

"Today we look back on Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Oh how quickly things changed. How quickly the crowds turned on Him. The very one who had healed their hearts and lives with His touch of love. The one who gave them hope. The one who gave them their very life. Their abundant life. They spat at Him, pulled His beard, jeered, poked, humiliated and rejected Him. They killed Him. This beautiful man who did nothing but give. They took from Him. They took His very life.

If the value of something is determined by what you would pay for it - then the value of your life is Christ.

Ponder that and fall on your face in worship and thankfulness. Our God reigns! And the day is coming where every knee will bow, every tongue confess, every heart know that Jesus Christ is Lord! Lord of all! And He lives! My God, you are wonderful!"

Taken from the Todd Agnew music boards. Click here for the full link - it is a good thread, there is a lot more there...


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