Saturday, April 14, 2007

Just a Quick One

Hi there,
I haven't forgotten to post, really I haven't! Just been waayyy too busy this week - Hopefully I'll have time to get caught up tomorrow!

Mira has been VERY happy to start going on rides again! It was cute to see how excited she was to get out and just GO someplace finally. I have not ridden her yet, just my siblings, but I plan to in a few days. Yes!

Oh, and WE MADE HAY!!! Yup, we learned how to make hay. Less than 1 paper bag full, but it looks, smells, and feels like good quality hay! I plan on doing an article soon about Tiny-Scale Hay Making and our experiments so far, so stay tuned. :-D



Rising Rainbow said...

so you're all excited about riding again and you let the siblings ride first?? To me, that's crazy!

L said...

LOL, how true MiKael. Oh well! So far so good with her... :-)