Friday, April 11, 2008

A couple good websites

Here is a new website I found this week. I really like it and recommend it to anyone interested in sustainability/simple living.

Deliberate Agrarian

The tempi Jambette at the canter? I had never heard of that before. I wonder how they train that...

Anyway, I don't have to work tomorrow until afternoon, so here's hoping I can get some new pictures of the horses, and finish the update series on the grazing. And yes, to answer a question, I definitely plan on repeating/expanding the MiG experiments next year. I am spreading manure now on various areas that need help with humus, and I cannot wait until fall when the rains come again. At least our pond is full! I hate starting the summer without it filled up.

The horses are doing quite well. The other day I was washing and rebraiding Andolu's tail while he ate hay in the round pen, and Mira was watching from outside in a semi-bored manner. At first I didn't notice, but then I realized that every time I moved around him, she would walk around to where she could see what I was doing. They crack me up how interested they both are in everything!


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