Saturday, April 12, 2008

Update on Field #1 MiG Experiment

Last fall I wanted to plant wheat on this field. Well, it didn't happen because of the messed up rains. The one time I actually thought would be a good time to plant, I was up to my ears in finishing the course and did not manage to get outside long enough to do it. But, if I had planted wheat there would have been a very small harvest, so no great loss. I'll just have to wait until fall again, and THIS year I definitely intend to get it done. Here are some pictures of it right now...

The grass is only about 4 inches tall here, at the end of the season, and quite sparse. Actually, we didn't have much real grass anywhere this year. Mostly we had miner's lettuce and various weeds. Weeds are much hardier than grass, unfortunately. My plan for this field is to make it my manure dumping ground over the summer, and hopefully that will prepare it for being planted next fall.


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