Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A "Job" for the Spoiled Ones!

I actually finished work already today, for once, and have time to update you all. One thing that is new around here is the arrangement I made with some friends of mine to come over once a week and let their kids ride the horses. I don't know if I mentioned this before at all, but the plan is for the kids to learn about horses and have fun around them not only for the normal benefits that horses give, but also for the one who has a chromosome disorder. Equine-assisted therapy is something the parents looked into for him, but there aren't really any organizations nearby. He really loves horses. Both toddlers are really cute to watch, though; kids can get so intensely focused on horses, and I love watching them trying to absorb and figure out everything.

The parents and I arranged for them to sign a ton of liability releases for the kids, and the parents will be giving me feed store gift certificates to help out with the costs. So the Spoiled Ones are actually going to be earning part of their keep! I know, my Mom was stunned too... Rather unusual to have them be earning something rather than just being Money Drains... :-D

So far it has gone well. We are doing one kid per session, which is good, because two adults for one kid is just barely enough. ;-) They are both good kids and try to listen, but it still is pretty involved keeping them out of harm's way. Andolu is being a good boy so far, which is nice. He doesn't care about having them on his back at all. Mira tried to do the "But I'm RETIRED!" act again tonight, but she settled down quickly and behaved herself. (I told her this WAS retirement packing a toddler rather than me) I have also started working on her salute trick again, and hope to soon get her trained to the goal, and get Andolu started on learning to bow.

Oh, and when I can find the cord for the camera, I'll be able to post some pictures of Andolu and his "lead rope."


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Rising Rainbow said...

I ca just see Mira thinking that she should be retired. Silly girl.