Monday, April 21, 2008

The Racehorse Dude's New Duds

His new fly sheet and fly mask arrived. He was totally old hat about the sheet, as expected, but he had a goofy reaction to the fly mask - I know he's worn one at least a couple of times before, when I put one on a couple times after I got him, but those might be the only times. Anyway, he didn't mind me putting it on, but after a minute he realized he couldn't see as well and started following Mira around and nudging her like "Who are you and where am I?!" She got freaked out and kept running over to me so that I was between him and her, so I took the fly mask off and let him look around, and then put it back on, and gave him a flake of hay. He seemed to settle down quite easily after that, but when I looked out the window later he had taken the mask off. Oh well!

I am debating getting her a fly sheet too. She is still shedding very heavily (he shed out in about 2 weeks flat) and would be too hot right now. Maybe later...



onthebit said...

What a handsome Thoroughbred in his fly armor! Even if he doesn't like having it on I am sure he is greatful that it keeps the bugs away. I say get one for Mira too. You don't want her to get jelous of her brother!

Rising Rainbow said...

Horses can be funny about fly masks, that's for sure. I have some that have been wearing them for years and still look at them in the spring or summer like it's going to eat them. lol