Monday, September 29, 2008

Just in time!

Wow, that was close. Last week we tore out the floor in a building on the other side of the property. It was actually built as a hay barn for the previous owners' BLM donkeys, but has never been usable as one for me, especially since it is a long way away from the actual horses. Since I bought the squeeze of hay, though, we decided it made sense to tear out the rotting floor in the protected inner room and spread sand from the pond and then put pallets there. We started moving hay bales this morning. At least 2/3 of the stack should fit in there, and the rest will be easy to cover by tarp. Whenever I need more I can ask the guys to bring up 7 or 8 bales and thus keep the hay in good shape all winter. The funny part is that right after we got the room ready it started clouding up. This afternoon it got much cloudier, so we went out and covered the stack with the lovely teal tarp - just as it began to pour! I went and put a halter on Andolu and took him over to the shelter, where I had put some hay and water. Mira hadn't gone in yet, but I figured she would as soon as she got wetter and once she finished her Eq. Sr. Anatolian nibbled a little and then dashed away up the hill. I kind of expected it. :-) He took over Mira's food and so then she, typically, went over to his round pen and began eating his leftover hay. I have to admit I kind of enjoy getting rained on too, so I suppose I can't blame them for not going under the shelter until the sun came out again! LOL

It is still quite cloudy and I am really hoping it rains more tonight, so I think I'll leave Andolu out of the round pen so he can get to the shelter. It's almost been four months anyway, so I doubt the vet would be very upset.

The pond only has about an inch of water left in the bottom after this long summer, so we really can use a good soaking rain!


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