Friday, September 19, 2008

Suggestions welcome - irritated skin

Ever since I got Andolu he has had slightly thinner hair on his back. His hair is never really thick anywhere, but his back skin seemed extra sensitive (maybe genetics, maybe from the NOT fitting Western saddle that left white spots on his withers) and lately it has gotten a lot more irritated. The vet said I could use Neutrogena T/Gel shampoo (leave in for 15 minutes once a week), but NONE of the stores carry it here. I can order it from Amazon, but I was wondering if anyone has any other suggestions. His skin got worse with all the hosing to keep him cool this summer. The rest of his coat is a little dry, but his back is sort of peeling a bit. I just decided to start rubbing some olive oil on his back at the night feeding to soothe it. Oil can be really good for skin and hair. Any other ideas will be gratefully considered!

Also, did you all read about Keller? If you haven't yet, go read it right now! What a wonderful thing to happen at the last second for this poor old blind Appy mare. I have a soft spot now for blind horses since Mira's eye injury and I just loved reading the "happy new beginning" for this old sweetheart!



Anonymous said...

I am like the queen of treating skin irritations...Genny is of course the King :P I swear it is such a thoroughbred thing to have thin hair and bad skin. Things that have worked for us and that you might want to try...
A good body brush. You know the oval brush with short, short bristles. It is the best brush to bring out the horses natural oils. Trust me...if you use it everyday he will be glowing.

Original L said...

I will try to find a super soft body brush. A while ago I bought a very soft 2 inch bristle brush (more rectangular shape) that wasn't quite a finishing brush that I've been using as a body brush. I should probably also start using cloths a lot in his grooming, too, now that I think about it. I can rub hard with those without hurting him. At least the good thing about hardly any hair is it's much easier to keep him clean than it is Mira!