Thursday, May 10, 2007

Back to Riding!

First, thanks to all the recent commenters. I enjoy hearing from you!

Second, quick recap of Mira's last 6 weeks - see early April posts for full details - basically, I was afraid she was injured and needed to be retired, (something I have been expecting anyway, because she's 27 years old). I was really depressed about it. I don't mind her being a pasture pet so much as just that she loves going places. And it is not possible for me to get another horse to ride yet - in a few months, yes, but not now. Well, the vet examined her, and surprise! He said she was fine and to start riding again! After that I let my young siblings ride her a few times, but not me, because the kids are lighter and I wanted to make sure she could handle the weight on her back. Then the trimmer came and confirmed what the vet said: She was fine, and I should definitely ride her!

So, for the last week I've been riding her again, almost every day. She is kind of out of shape again, so we'll build up slowly back to where she was, but she feels great!

The first two rides she did do some crowhopping (small bucks) - she had this attitude, like "What?! I thought I was retired!!! Do I have to start working again?" By the third ride though she had calmed down and was her normal self. She has enjoyed going around the neighborhood and trotting past all the horses up and down the road again, that's for sure. I try not to always let her trot past other horses, but she really is a show-off - If I let her, she will pick up her tail and do a floating trot past them, and you just know she is telling the other horses "Look at me, I am SOO beautiful!" It's so cute watching conceited horses! :-D

I am going to ride her again in a few minutes, and hopefully get some better pictures of her to post over the next few days. Have a Fabulous Friday!


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Rising Rainbow said...

Oh so glad that you're back to riding. Maybe she was crow hopping because she was happy to be back with you too.