Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Kentucky Derby 2007

I really enjoyed the Derby this year. It was a bit odd though, because this year I didn't know enough about the horses to pick a favorite, which is definitely unusual. I always have a favorite, and, my favorite always loses! So this year I just watched and waited to see who would win. This Derby was one of the more exciting ones for sure! Street Sense, the favorite, ended up 19th out of 20 horses at one point in the race. At that point I kinda wrote him off, and focused on the others. But, then he came from the back and WON!!! I love stories like that. :-) And of course, now I'm going to be rooting for Street Sense in the Preakness!

It was really touching also to see how totally excited the jockey was to achieve his dream. And even better to see how well loved he is at the track- you could tell by how happy everyone else was for him.

Here's a video of the race...

All in all, a fun race. Only a couple weeks now 'till the Preakness! Will this be the year for a Triple Crown Winner?



photogchic said...

What happend to "Scat Daddy?" That was my pick and he just fell apart. I think he finished 14th. I didn't put any money down, I know better because I always pick the wrong horse:-)

Pony Tail Club said...

We were really touched to see how happy the jockey was too, it made us glad he won.

Ishtar said...

Wow! People in Niger would have LOVED to watch that!!! Good pictures!

Rising Rainbow said...

It was an amazing race! I couldn't believe that horse came from 19th on the rail no less to win it all.