Saturday, May 5, 2007

New Pictures

Here are some of the latest pictures of Mira - all taken in the last week.

In "Horse Heaven" - knee-high grass! (Well, it's all gone to seed, but it's still fun)

Wondering why I keep kneeling and pointing that thing at her:

Now that her coat is short again, the C-shaped scar on her right hip is visible again. I don't know how visible it'll be in this picture, but it is there! I don't really know anything about how it happened or how long ago - it was well healed by the time I got her and I just figure it is a useful piece of unique ID. ;-D

I hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend! Next few posts, Kentucky Derby, how riding Mira again is going (yay!), and more.


P.S. Working on a few formatting issues - please bear with me. :-)

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