Saturday, July 12, 2008

I TRIED to take pictures...

... but the batteries were dead. I put them in the charger earlier today but unfortunately someone removed them too soon. So I will try again tomorrow!

The swelling has gone down by about 40% to 50% so far with hot packs/hot soaking, but that leg is still pretty sore. Hopefully he pops the abscess soon. You know, I wish he was prone to abscesses rather than laminitis, I really do. They are painful but not nearly as serious!

Meanwhile, he is not really losing weight yet. It is rather odd to me, since the last time he was on grass hay only, when I ran out of alfalfa on a weekend, he got ribby in just those few days. That is one reason I've been feeding him alfalfa, because I didn't think he could hold weight on grass alone. We'll see! I have about six bales of alfalfa sitting around - they'll probably last Mira until Christmas. :-) She is feeling rather neglected. She is used to being the one with issues/illnesses and being pampered, and I'm sure she misses her walks, too. When things settle down a bit I'll have Sis take Mira down the road while I stay with Andolu and keep him quiet.

Today I was sitting behind Andolu while I kept his foot in the bucket, (behind meaning towards the outer fence, away from Mira) and she kept running around and whinnying at us. I guess maybe she was afraid he was stepping on me, or something? She knows he's not the kindest boy there is and can be a bit of a bully. Anyway, she didn't settle down until she could see me clearly again. They both are such cute little horses. I really love their personalities and how different they are!

Tomorrow I will make some toys for the Dude and see what I can do to occupy his mischevious little mind.


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