Friday, July 25, 2008

Laminitis Update: 6

Tomorrow I am going to try and catch some pictures of Andolu playing with his things. For now, though, just a quick post. He is still doing great, and squeals at me whenever I am too late with another meal. I like to try to keep grass hay in front of him to chew on, but he does run out sometimes. He has always had the cutest way of squealing when he's excited about something. He nickers too, but he likes to squeal, and buck if allowed. So cute! You can see his ribs now, but he is not too skinny. Let's just hope I can keep him from losing too much!

I think I mentioned before about how he likes to make flehmen faces. My brother #3 likes to visit the horses and rub Andolu's nose and then tell him what a good boy he is for displaying the flehmen face. It's just a funny trick. Laughter really motivates Andolu, and he likes showing off, so he mostly learned it on his own. One of these days I should solidify it with a better cue... Anyway, all that to say he has an active little brain.

He likes to tip over his water buckets, and then bang them on the ground to call us out to refill them - that is when he is out of other things to do. Sometimes he gets thirsty before we come out, and then he will nuzzle around the hose as I am filling the buckets, waiting until he can put his head in and drink. I've been laughing and encouraging him when he does that, and sure enough, today he started biting at the stream of water! One of these days I am going to have a horse that knows how to drink from a hose. :-D (Now, If I can just get a rideable one...)

I am still waiting for the hay to come. It'll probably be Monday now. Ciao until tomorrow.


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