Friday, July 11, 2008

Laminits Update: 1

Do I have to do an update series? I really hate having a reason to do another injury/illness series...

Andolu is still not out of the acute phase yet. I've been icing him 3 times a day, bute, etc., but I can still feel the digital pulse. He has also started holding the right front bent a lot of the time. He often used to do that for a little bit when eating - it looked like he would start to take a step, and then pause and stay where he was for a bit, finishing what he was eating. He would do it with both sides, and I could never tell for sure if he was sore or just a goofball. But he is definitely extra sore on the right front and is holding it up a lot - that just started yesterday. He still has not done the classic laminitis stance, though. The left front is much more comfortable already, but obviously is taking too much strain right now.

I'm going through phases of freaking out and being too tired to worry much. Right now I'm kind of in the "keep going and we'll see what he's like in a week" mood. At least he figured out the new rules and has realized he is IN THE PEN ONLY for now and will not be getting out and will not be getting any "nice" food at all. He has mostly behaved better today and not tried to buck and rear while I feed Mira. He is still going through a crash course reminder of just how stubborn I am and how he cannot remove his foot from the ice until I say so. He doesn't like ice, but oh well! I'll get a couple pictures tomorrow of him. I feel so sorry for the boy, I really hope he isn't inflamed at all any more tomorrow.

Thanks for everyones' well wishes.


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Rising Rainbow said...

It doesn't take them long to figure out that things have changed. I'm glad that he's settling in for you.