Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday and the Racehorse Dude's progress

Andolu is actually a bit better this afternoon. He is moving around voluntarily quite a bit more than he was, and starting to think about depriving Mira of her fair share of food again. The last few days I could feed her 20 feet away from him and she would eat her whole bucket in peace; that is how bad he was. Hopefully I'll have to start feeding her in the pen again soon.

The vet will get here Wednesday morning, and I want to get x-rays. I was going to have some done in September anyway, but we might as well do it now. I want to know the exact state of his bones - I don't like guessing!

I have to say, Anatolian is a really great patient. He is good about bathing and fussing in general, and he really seems to like having me go out there every 20 minutes to change an ice boot to a different leg. He did seem better after icing, and he likes being cooed over, too.

By the way, I though exercising horses was supposed to tire them out so they didn't think up so much mischief to do, but I think it woke his brain up! Before all this happened, I was going to post about the various things he's figured out in the last month. For one, I have often left the hose partly in their pen so that I don't have to move it each time I fill their water buckets. However, somehow in this hot weather, the little pill managed to figure out that if he stepped on the end enough times, that the hose would turn on and spray a mist up into the air. Then he and Mira would stand right next to it, not in the spray, and watch it like it was TV while they enjoyed the slight cool breeze. When I wised up and figured out that all those incidents were NOT accidental, he then started reaching under the electric fence to grab it and bring it inside. So, it had to be even farther away to keep him from getting it. There are various other little things, too. And he is getting better and better at deciphering directions given by voice and by pointing. :-)

Now that I am really clicking with him, I sure hope he gets all better soon!


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OnTheBit said...

Glad to hear he is feeling better! And my off the track TB is trouble too...I think they are so used to so much stimulation on the track backside (and your guy flew across the atlantic too!) that they like to find ways to amuse themselves that normal horses wouldn't think of.