Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Laminitis Update: 7

Anatolian has been off the bute for three days now - the one month supply was used up in exactly one month - and I have been watching him carefully but cannot tell a single difference in his behavior and comfort level. He looks good to me. I plan to have the farrier out in a week or so to take his shoes off and retrim and put new shoes on. What I know from reading the barefoot websites is that laminitic horses need frequent trims, sometimes every two weeks, for proper healing and hoof regrowth. If I have to do shoes right now, I still don't want to let his feet get too long, which they almost are already.

Meanwhile, a few days ago the grandparents' well had some trouble. Since the horses get water from their well, I ended up hauling water across the road to them the last few days. Bah! SO not my favorite thing to haul five gallon buckets every couple hours all day long... Oh well. At least I can finally use the hose again. The horses liked it - I split their meals into even smaller portions and fed them almost every trip. They sure liked that! I remember in the jungle when we had "walking water," (i.e., walk to the river, fill buckets, cart up to the house, filter by hand) thinking it was fun whenever I was allowed to help carry a bucket. Nowadays though, running water and refrigeration rank side by side in my "favorite inventions."

I am loving the new hay stack. This hay is definitely better quality than the feed store stuff I was getting. Mira probably eats twice as much hay as she usually does, and Andolu is now holding his weight on the grass hay. And I just love seeing several tons of hay up there; it is like looking out at a dark rainy night while sitting in front of a fire drinking cocoa. :-D


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