Sunday, August 31, 2008

Actually, it was chickenpox

How can you get chickenpox twice? Seriously, that is NOT fair - I had it when I was little. Oh well, it explains my other symptoms, and I got a week's vacation (almost NO work! Yay!). My brother and sister also got it, but I definitely had it the worst. The good thing is that while I was so sick I could do nothing but lie in bed, I caught up on my reading - mostly. I think I read about 20 books, including a lot of my old favorites. I really needed that, as I don't feel like myself if I never get to read. On a different topic, I am never going to be grumpy about how oatmeal is boring again. It is boring, but it also seriously saved my sanity/life/skin/something! That stuff worked miracles.

I wish I could have gotten video of the horses' expressions, though. There were a few days when the kids had to do most of the feeding, and when I did stagger out there once a day or so, both horses were so quiet it was scary. They just looked at me (and sis swears they were watching me walk, like, "Is she lame? How do we call the vet?") and did not do their normal nickers and whinnies. I'm glad that they are back to normal now.

One very good thing that came out of this is that my boss and coworkers were all super nice about my being sick. The cool part is that I am a workaholic (I realize that about myself, even if I haven't figured out how to be more balanced) and I keep pushing myself to do more and feeling guilty when I don't do as much as I want to or feel that I should be able to do. Being sick was good for me - they got behind, yes, and missed me, yes, but they all said not to worry but just to get well. I really appreciated that.

I am going to try to do an update about the alfalfa project and bees soon. :-)


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"DJ" said...

Wow! That's rough! I think you can get it again if you only had a mild case as a child, but not sure. Glad you're feeling better. Sounds like you needed the "break". :)