Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Some pics from the last week

Here are a couple pics of Mira shortly after I finished her once-yearly all-over bath with soap. I don't do her all over with soap very often as she hates it so much. So, she usually gets a whole body bath or two in the summer, usually around the "anniversary." Spot cleaning and spraying with just water work most of the time, but it is fun to see the sparkle when she is really clean! Unfortunately, the lighting was not as good as I thought when I got these photos right after she was dry, so in these ones she looks way more yellow than she is. I'll post more photos as I have the time to get them up.



photogchic said...

She looks gleaming white to me. I gave my first bath of the season last week...Maddy loved the suds.

Original L said...

Thank you. She does literally *dazzle* in midday, but a picture then would be just a white blur. :)