Sunday, August 10, 2008

Six horsey things I am proud of

A couple weeks ago I was tagged by Onthebit for this meme. It struck me as ironic, since this whole year has been very difficult for me and I have had such a hard time juggling all the different aspects of my life. I am an ISTJ through and through and to go for months feeling like I really cannot quite keep up with everything has been very hard for me. I have been at a really low ebb in my confidence. I know everyone has times where they feel like they just can’t get it together and, well, this has been one of those times for me. It goes against the grain and was a bit difficult for me to think of six horsey things I was proud of, but here goes.

Six horsey things I am proud of:

  1. My horses both like and obey me. I am always so glad to see their happy faces when I’m around, and the way Mira follows me when I’m doing chores or whatever. I am also proud that I do always follow through to make sure they do what I ask.
  2. I am proud that Mira has such great manners now. When I got her two years ago, she was antsy and tended to run into people leading her. She was well trained as a youngster, but had forgotten a lot of it. Now, she never lets the rope go taut, and you can even lead her without a halter, just holding her lower lip gently. She is a complete lady.
  3. I am proud that Mira is healthy and a perfect weight and energetic at the age of 28, even despite most of her teeth being gone.
  4. I am proud that Andolu is so much happier now than when I met him. He was a little depressed and a little uptight. Now he is just fractious and high-spirited!
  5. I am proud that I have continued to remember my vow as a child to do my best to share the joy of horses with kids when I had my own horses. I do try to invite people over to play with them whenever possible.
  6. I am proud that I learned how to install an electric fence system! Don’t laugh, I am not an engineer type person and though electric fences are simple, I was still surprised I could figure it all out without help!

This was a fun meme and lifted my mood. Hmm, now I think I'll tag risingrainbow! With all she's come through and accomplished, she might have trouble sticking to six! And anyone else can feel free to consider themselves tagged. :-)



Anonymous said...

That was great!! I know you have been having a rough year which is exactly why I wanted you to do it! Excellent job!

photogchic said...

You have lots to be proud of. You take amazing care of your horses. You nursed both "the dude" and Mira through all sorts of stuff. You are strong in the face of all the things that have come up in the past off girl, you are a super horsewoman!

Original L said...

Thank you guys. You both made me feel the warm fuzzies!