Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mira's Eye Update: 10

I'm getting kinda tired of these updates. Oh well! Bottom line, the vet was just as unhappy with her eye as I was. There is some scar tissue building on the eye, and a slight amount of stain uptake still. Meaning, it's really not healing like it should. I'm going to do ointment on it a couple times a day for the next few weeks, and try to give it a chance. At some point, though, I'm pretty much expecting to have to remove it. My mom keeps telling me not to feel guilty for not shelling out for the whole 12-16 weeks of treatment, and I'm trying to keep that in mind, and tell myself that Mira really won't care very much about being blind compared to how much I'll care. At this stage in my life, and hers, it really wouldn't be sensible to spend thousands more on trying to fix a stubborn infection that probably wouldn't clear up anyway. I just hate having it not respond to everything we've done already. In the future, if I ever have any injuries like this again to any of my horses, I will ask the vet for an antifungal prescription for the first week, as well as the antibiotics and serum, to prevent any possible complications like this. I know this kind of complication is pretty rare, but I would rather spend the money and prevent all this.

On the other hand, he did remove the lavage catheter from her eye, so any discomfort that might have been causing is gone now. She never did seem bothered by it. I think those are fabulous inventions! Now that it's gone, I can clean her face and mane without interference :-D

Anyway, that is where things stand right now. I had technical issues with my typing job today, so I got a bit of an unintentional break this afternoon, which was nice. :-)

Ciao for now!



On The Bit said...

I am sorry to hear that mira is going to have her eye removed at somepoint. You should not feel guilty because you really did everything in your power to save it. Sometimes it is better to just let go knowing you did the best you could. Besides it is just an eye. I have no doubt she will be fine without it.

Wiola said...

There are so many horses out there doing perfectly fine without an eye that I agree it's sometimes better for the horse to remove it than put it through lengthy procedures going to nowhere.

Good luck with this!

PS. Thank you for your comments on my blog. Do you know that my mum's name is Mira?! :-0

photogchic said...

You did everything you could. If it has to go, Mira will adjust. We had a horse that fell and clipped her eye and we had to have it removed. She was just fine. Sometimes these things are harder on us than on the horse:-) Give her a scratch...I've been worried about how this will turn out. I know it wasn't the outcome you were hoping for:-(

L said...

OTB - Yes, I know she will be fine if/when it comes to that... thanks.

Wiola - that's funny about your mom! Interesting.

Julie - I'm glad you know one that had that done & she doesn't mind. Mira says thanks for the scratch.

Rising Rainbow said...

Things like this I think are much harder for the owner to adjust than the horse. I have seen a few horses who have lost their sight in an eye or the eye altogether. The horses all respond the same, it doesn't seem to affect them any more with the eye actually gone or still there and not useful. But all of those horses are doing just fine. Some are even being ridden in the show ring.

L said...

MiKael - thanks. Everyone does tell me that the horses adjust just fine. I hope so, b/c her eye just doesn't seem to be getting any better. I guess it's a bummer, but not a tragedy...