Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mira's Eye Update: 9

Today was another gorgeous day, as you can see. It started out rather interesting though, with car trouble before dawn. I had to borrow a family member's car to get to work. My car was making interesting grinding noises, that sounded expensive... We'll see what it is, but if it is something we can't fix ourselves, then I'll just have to make do with borrowing cars for now. I can't afford repair bills now after all the vet bills! It was just so classic that I was hardly surprised, although I was grumpy because I just recently checked all the fluid levels, etc. in an effort to keep something like this from happening due to neglect or business. :-P I do prefer car trouble to horse problems, though.

Mira is still eating and drinking well and she is basically on a normal diet again now. She keeps rolling and getting filthy, so today there is just a photo of the Racehorse Dude for you all. He actually stayed cleaner than her today, for once!

I like the fiery glow in this photo.
Anyway, I am still hoping and praying that Mira's eye will recover all the way, but it looks worse today. I don't like how it seems to be regressing and getting more painful again. There really isn't anything more I can do right now, though. Hopefully by the end of this course of meds she will be much better.
On a fun note, the lady I got the Chinese herbs from not only knows Mira's previous owner well, but also has gone on camping trips with her & Mira! She remembers "the little gray Arab" well, and said she remembers her having a fast walk and being able to go on all day, and being a GREAT trail horse. I told her "That's right, nothing ever phases her, and she just likes to trundle along forever if you let her." It was fun chatting a bit with her about that. :-D I do miss riding Mira, but I hope to be able to pony her along with us when Andolu is settled in a good riding routine and I know him a little better. She really does love getting out and doing things.


photogchic said...

When it rains, it pours---sending good luck your way. Hope the car turns out to be an inexpensive fix...I know how those vet bills can add up.

Tracey said...

Hope Mira heals up for you!

I like the red photo, too :D

Rising Rainbow said...

I was disappointed to hear that Mira's eye was going downhill again. I'm sure you must be bummed. I hope the Chinese herbs helped. I sure like to use those kinds of things and think they have helped my horses here. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.